This page deals with repairs that require the services of a builder, plumber or electrician. If you want advice on how to carry out regular maintenance of your home, go to our page on looking after your house. If you have any other queries, go to our problems page.

In general, Hearth is responsible for repairs to the structure and external fabric of your house, together with maintenance or improvement of the basic services and fittings, while the tenant is responsible for internal decoration, upkeep of any appliances, and some minor repairs. For a detailed breakdown of what Hearth is responsible for, consult the appendix to your Tenancy Agreement.

If you want Hearth to carry out a repair, you should generally contact us by phone at 028-9053 0121. You can also email us at info@hearth-housing.org.uk or text us us on * or if it is not urgent you can of course write to us. Usually Elaine or Carol will take your phone call, and will need to know what the problem is and when the contractor can visit you; we will usually suggest that he phones you to arrange a mutually suitable time. If the problem is an unusual one, we may need to inspect it before instructing work.

If the repair is an emergency (such as a burst pipe) and occurs out of office hours, you should contact your own plumber or electrician, and tell us what happened the next day. We may need to instruct further remedial works. Remember that if the repair is necessary as a result of your own carelessness or is wilful damage we may have to pass the cost on to you.

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