How to apply for housing:

Like all registered housing associations, we allocate our houses in accordance with housing need. To apply to us for a house, you need to complete a standard application form which is available either from our offices or from any Housing Executive office. On it you can choose two areas you want to be considered for housing in, and you can ask to be considered by any social landlord in the area, or if you wish you may ask only for one or two landlords (such as the Housing Executive or Hearth). However you should bear in mind that in some areas you may have to wait some years before receiving an offer, and you should not be too choosy.

When the form is completed, you can return it to us or to the Executive. You will be visited by the Housing Executive who will assess your housing "points", and that is the basis on which you will be ranked should a suitable vacancy arise.

If you are already a tenant, you may want advice on how to maintain your house, or how to get repairs  carried out. If you have any other queries, go to our problems page.
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